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Midas Strip 3092

Water emulsifiable paint for floor cleaning and exterior cleaning of totes and other containers.


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Product Description

Paint frequently is spilled and tracked during manufacture and handling. These spills are usually removed by a mixture of flammable solvents which are toxic by inhalation. Midas-Strip 3092 removes paint marks or spills safely without noxious odors.

Midas Strip 3092 easily removes Paint and Ink stencils and it replaces low flash solvent commonly used for Exterior Tote cleaning.

Non methylene chloride
Fast acting
Dries quickly
Easy to apply
Radically reduced V.O.C. emissions
Paint Strippers,Paint Removers

Superior cleaning ability
No phenols, chlorinated or flammable solvents
Low Volatility, reduced V.O.C.’s

Removes most coatings first time
Minimal airborne health hazard
Low vapor pressure reduces V.O.C.s, Environmentally Friendly

Emulsifies with water, simple to use.
Less slippery than low V.O.C. solvents.
Economical to use.
High employee acceptance, no offensive odor.

Midas-Strip 3092 is mixed 50% by volume with water. Mop on floor then let set, mop up and rinse with water.
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