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Introduction : Latex Paint Stripper, Latex Paint Remover, Latex Resin cleaning

Latexsol 6840: Water based eco-friendly Latex paint Remover For for IBC Totes and Tank Trailer cleaning

Latexsol 6840 water based latex stripper removes the following: latex low gloss, latex semi gloss, latex high gloss, latex enamels, acrylic enamel, latex acrylic, water bases sealers, boiled linseed oils and latex solid/clear stains. The product can be used in a soak or spray application. It works better than existing products.

  • Water Based Latex Stripper and Latex cleaner : Latexsol 6840 is used for paint removal of cured & Uncured Latex & Epoxy coatings from a variety of substrates
  • Latex Remover, Urethane Stripper, Epoxy Paint Stripper-6840: Specially formulated for paint removal of Latex and Epoxy from Aluminum and other substrates
  • Non-Flammable Latex Stripper & Paint Stripper
  • Radically reduced VOC emissions -Emulsion stripper, latex stripper, Adhesive Remover, Urethane Stripper, Epoxy Paint Stripper

DESCRIPTION: NEW Method: Latexsol 6840 is used in heated tank and will help you clean latex container.

A common test for determining whether a dried sample of paint is oil-based or latex-based is to contact the sample with xylene. If the paint sample is latex-based, the sample will dissolve for easy removal. If the sample is oil-based, the sample will remain intact.

Because of this selective solvency, xylene has been used as a commercial latex-based paint remover, alone or together with other components. However, because it is an aromatic compound, xylene also poses a significant health and environmental risk.
Latexsol 6840 is a new latex paint remover which mimics xylene in terms of its selective removal of latex-based paints but which is more benign from a health and environmental standpoint.

Latex paints are typically composed of polymer particles and pigments emulsified in water. When applied to a surface, the water carrier evaporates and the polymer particles coalesce to form a coherent, pigment-containing film. Most latex paints are formulated with acrylic polymers (polymers and copolymers of acrylic acid, acrylic esters and acrylonitrile) which may include ionic cross-linkers to enhance bonding of individual polymer particles in the coalesced film.

In a typical oil-based paint, however, the film-forming specie is composed of a natural and/or synthetic polymer dissolved in a suitable organic solvent such as mineral spirits, turpentine or the like. When applied to a surface, the organic solvent evaporates and the polymer deposits on the surface as a film. Further polymerization and/or ethylenic cross-linking (curing) often occurs to make the film coherent.

Because of these differences in film-forming mechanisms, oil-based paints once dried and cured are usually stronger and tougher than their latex-based counterparts. Accordingly, latex paints are easier to remove than oil-based paints, which explains why xylene and analogous materials can effectively remove latex-based paints but not oil-based paints.

Latexsol is directed primarily to removing dried latex-based paints. Latexsol 6840 In addition to removing dried latex-based paints can also be used to remove a wide variety of other lipophilic materials.. In addition, Latexsol will remove adhesives, inks, chewing gum, tars, greases, glues, animal fats, vegetable oils, tree sap and other lipophilic soils.
Tank Trucks and IBC Tote Container cleaning: Latex Paint Stripper, Latex Paint Remover, Latex Paint cleaning

A dry major latex shipping container isn’t hopeless but there is only a little chance it can be cleaned with existing chemical process at tank truck cleaning facilities. Latex acrylic paints are basically water, pigment, and polymer resins. Although quite easy to remove when fresh, (steam extraction methods,) they do become almost impossible to remove once dried.



Latexsol 6840 is engineered for high pressure re-circulation spray and soak tank applications.
Latexsol 6840 is used by diluting with water and can be used at concentration form 20 % to 50 % by volume with water @ 140 F to 170 F
Operate at a concentration of 20% to 35% by volume with water depending upon age and thickness of Latex. Completely set up latex over 1 week old will require a concentration of 35% Latexsol and balance water. There should be no caustic present in the wash solution as it will have a negative effect on the cleaning process. Operating temperature is 150 degrees F to 170 degrees F. This wash solution should be recirculated and reused for long bath life. Filtering will also extend the bath life.

Note: The information presented herein is our interpretation of certain test results and field experience to date. The information is not to be taken as warranty or representation for which we assume legal responsibility, nor as permission or recommendation to practice any patented invention without a license. It is offered solely for your consideration, investigation and verification.

Main Advantages

  • Extended bath life compared to solvent.
  • Economical to use.
  • High employee acceptance, no offensive odor.


  • Superior Latex cleaning ability
  • Low foaming
  • Does not contain phenols, chlorinated or flammable solvents
  • Water based product.


  • Removes latex paints by lifting film from substrate
  • Works well on coated carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Minimal airborne health hazard
  • Low vapor pressure reduces VOC’s
  • Environmentally Friendly Green Produc