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Introduction: Graffiti Removers

DESCRIPTION: Patented Eco Friendly Low voc Green Graffiti remover ,Graffiti Stripper ,Graffiti Removal Chemicals


  • Removes graffiti from brick, metal, glass, wood, and painted surfaces doing no damage to the surface!
  • No pollution to the environment
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Coverage is 60-70 sq. feet per gallon
  • Spray directly onto the graffiti, and leave on for several minutes. Brush with nylon scrub brush. In most cases graffiti will start to dissolve immediately

Graffitiex 4800 is a specially formulated water based, thixotropic liquid gel Graffiti remover to remove graffiti and remove permanent ink . Graffitiex 4800 is an extremely effective and easy-to-use paint stripper. Graffitiex 4800 is proven to a safe, effective and powerful graffiti remover for use in a variety of applications:

  • Removes vandalism stains, permanent marker
  • Removes tape residue from sign postings
  • Removes spray paint
  • Removes enamel paint
  • Cuts tar and grease
  • Removes decals
  • Removes all type of inks
  • A safer method of removing graffiti with water rinsability

Graffitiex 4800 is a molecule expanding formula, It works by lifting the coating. Graffitiex 4800 is a low volatility paint stripper; this means that instead of evaporating rapidly it remains on surfaces to lift and soften the paint. Graffitiex 4800 removes more paint in fewer applications than methylene chloride containing paint strippers. Since it is water-soluble, cleans up is easy.



Graffitiex 4800 is ideal for use as a Graffiti remover and to remove permanent ink. It is ideal for areas where abrasive blast cleaning and removal is not an option because of environment or worker safety concerns. The paint removal process in the restoration of brick, concrete, wood or sandstone buildings can be completed without the abrasive blasting process. This will ensure that the desired aesthetic qualities and appearance of the original structure are not subjected to any unwanted mechanically imposed physical damage which can occur during mechanical blast cleaning procedures. Consult our sales personnel for additional information.

Engineered to be a one-stop paint stripper for use in all industries. Examples of commercial industry uses include aviation, agriculture and forestry, building maintenance, marine, military, and transportation and logistics. Some industrial application uses include paint stripping or removing for airplanes, buildings, graffiti, military vehicles, ships, sail boats, trains, buses, dip tanks, and many more.

Ideal surfaces include gel coat, brick, cement, ceramic, concrete, fiber glass, mason, plaster, stone, wood, furniture, paint film, and proseal. All metals including aluminum, cadmium, magnesium, steel, titanium, and zinc.
Graffitiex 4800 can be applied under the same conditions as those which you can successfully apply paint. For best results underlying substrate should be between 55° and 100° F.

Prior to use, test the compatibility of the surface or part being stripped to make sure that the chemical does not also attack it.

To determine what remover to use on the Graffiti:

1.The type of surface 2. How deep the stain has penetrated 3.How long the Graffiti has been on the surface 4. Product effectiveness is slower in cooler temperatures.

Note: Before beginning the whole project, a test panel should always be made to test and verify the performance and dwell time required. The user must determine the suitability of the product fro the intended use and assumes all risks and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.

Precautions: Must read material safety data sheet and product bulletin and make complete assessment of hazards. Fully protect all adjacent surfaces including floors and general work areas. Protect vegetation, plants and adjacent surfaces from coming in contact with the chemicals. Beware of wind drift onto adjacent surfaces. Barricade work areas to prevent pedestrian contact.

To use Graffitiex 4800, simply apply it and give it time to work. It has just the right consistency to allow it to remain in place, even on vertical surfaces. Because Graffitiex 4800 does not produce powerful fumes, it can be used safely indoors with ventilation. Furthermore, Graffitiex 4800 contains no caustics or other harsh chemicals.

Graffitiex 4800 is used as is, and is formulated to achieve optimum results using a spray application method. It can be readily applied by conventional air. airless and HVLP equipment. Graffitiex 4800 can be applied by brush or roller; but, it has been determined that these methods generally produce a lower film build and inconsistent thicknesses of the product. Brush or roller application methods should be restricted to small areas or where spray application is difficult or impractical. Graffitiex 4800 is thixotropic gel graffiti remover and can be applied to vertical surfaces using an airless sprayer. Try on small scale first to verify it.

Graffitiex 4800 works on a multitude of substrates. It is safe to use on glass, metal, masonry, plaster, fiberglass. Because Graffitiex 4800 does not discolor wood or raise its grain, it is particularly safe to use on certain types of wood, however, it is best to try it on very small area to determine the effect of Graffitiex 4800 on the wood. It is not recommended for use on wallboard.


Patch Test: Because it is difficult to determine the type and amount of coatings present on a surface, perform a small test first. This will determine Graffitiex 4800 effectiveness, coverage, and the approximate amount of time required for it to work.

Before beginning application, protect adjacent areas. Although Graffitiex 4800 is effective on glass, metal, wood, and stone, it may soften some resinous materials, so mask off any nearby caulking and rubber with plastic tape and plastic sheeting. Also protect nearby painted surfaces that you do not intend to strip. If you are uncertain whether Graffitiex 4800 will harm a surface either test it first or simply cover the surface.



1. Stir to a uniform consistency.

2. Apply a thick coat of Graffitiex 4800 to the area being stripped using a paintbrush or a wallpaper paste brush for larger areas. Then, if desired, cover Graffitiex 4800 with a plastic film. this especially helpful if you are removing multiple layers of built-up coatings or sealers because it reduces evaporation and allows Graffitiex 4800 gel paint remover to absorb deeper and more completely.

3. Let Graffiti Remover do the work in softening the finish. Because coatings cannot be removed until fully softened, this is the most critical step when using the product. Give the material enough time to absorb and apply additional Graffitiex 4800 as necessary. Depending on the type of coating being removed, the temperature, and the number of layers present, Graffitiex 4800 may take several minutes, or several hours to strip the coating..

4. Test the finish. This determines whether coatings are satisfactorily softened for removal. Periodically scratch or scrape a small portion of the treated area to see how easily the coating is removed.

5. Apply additional material if necessary. If Graffitiex 4800 is completely absorbed, yet doesn’t completely soften all built-up layers of the coatings, apply a second coat of material and give it time to work. Repeat this procedure until all built-up layers are soft enough for easy removal.

6. Remove softened finish. Once the finish is completely softened, scrape it off with a putty knife indoors and a pressure washer outdoors. If using pressure on wood, take care to prevent damaging the fibers.

7. Clean up any residue and remaining finish. This is done on wood by lightly sanding and on other surfaces by agitating and soapy water.



General Chemical offers a custom formulation which can apply by spraying or mopping. This makes it easier and faster to apply when stripping floors.

Ventilate enclosed areas, and wear oil resistant rubber gloves and safety glasses. If Graffitiex 4800 gets on skin or into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. See the Material Safety Data Sheet for more detailed hazard evaluation and safety information.
REMOVAL: Graffitiex 4800 should remain on substrate for 40 minutes to 2 hours, or until paint system visibly separates from substrate. The paint system can be removed by with assistance if necessary, by approved plastic scraper.

Once paint or other type of coating is completely softened, it is simply scraped off or removed using high-pressure water.

A scratch test with a non-abrasive scrapper may indicate the paint may be removed with physical assistance


WARNING: The sludge Graffitiex 4800 produces when removing lead and other heavy metal contaminated coatings is toxic and considered hazardous waste.

Consult appropriate local, state and federal regulations regarding waste disposal or discharge. Do not permit waste waters to seep into ground or discharge into sewer.

PACKAGING: Graffitiex 4800 is supplied in 1 Gallon, 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums, Intermediated bulk containers such as Totes


Color/Appearance: Clear thixotropic gel paint remover with orange emulsion and Foam and mild sweet aroma

Storage/Shelf Life: Keep in sealed containers and store in a well ventilated

Area: Shelf life is indefinite as long as material is prevented from evaporating. Mix well and form the emulsion before use.

VOC: 1.01 Lbs. Per gal.(121 g/l)

Flash Point: in excess of 212 F (100 c)

Freezing Point: 32 F (0 c)

Ph : 2-3 (Direct Reading)

Stability: stable

Temperature use Range: If the temperature is below 40°F, Graffitiex 4800 may work too slowly to be effective


  • Non-Toxic
  • Excellent Rinsability
  • Non-Abrasive
  • Concentrated, Economical


  • High Flash Point
  • No objectionable fumes
  • Stronger cleaning power
  • No offensive odors


Cost Comparison

Economic Analysis Summary:

Annual Savings for Using Paint Stripper: $63,555

Capital Cost for Diversion Equipment/Process: $0

Payback Period for Investment in Equipment/Process: Immediate



Customer Comments

“Graffitiex is one of the greatest revelations I have had in the Green Grounds Maintaince industry. In addition to the fact it is eco friendly, it was easy to use. After reviewing the site of the graffiti, we applied a light coat of the Graffitiex, let it dry as directed and simply applied a wire brush to remove it. 98% of the surface was perfect. To be honest, we here at Open Doors in Baltimore, never thought any product could remove the gang graffiti and be good for the environment. However, we were pleasantly surprised. What a fabulous product and company.”