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Introduction: Floor Paint Stripping

Heavy Duty Gel Paint Stripper for Floor Finish (Concrete, Brick, floors and building restoration)

  • Non methylene chloride
  • Fast-acting
  • Easy to apply on vertical surfaces
  • Safe for use on steel or aluminum surfaces

Building contractor and building restoration industry have looked for a paint stripper that would perform:

  • Effective on the wide range of paints or surface sealers found on concrete surfaces,
  • Safe and user-friendly in comparison with other strippers.

Floor-PaintStrip 2500 is engineered to remove various paints and /or surface sealers, including waterproofing surface sealers and floor tile adhesives (mastic). It also cleans the pores in concrete surfaces – important before deep-sealing concrete. This product can be used on many Floor Finishes.

Floor-PaintStrip 2500 paint stripper for floors is a solvent borne, non-aerosol paint remover – low-odor and non-flammable. Floor-PaintStrip 2500 for floors and building restoration is unique and is specially engineered to strip floors and is tested for years.



1. Stir to uniform consistency.

2. Apply a thick coat of Coating Remover to the area being stripped. 
Do this using a paintbrush or a wallpaper paste brush on larger areas. Then, if desired, cover Coating Remover with plastic film. This is especially helpful if you are removing multiple layers of built-up coatings or sealers because it reduces Evaporation and allows the material to absorb deeper and more completely.

3. Let Coating Remover do the work in softening the finish.
Because coatings cannot be removed until fully softened, this is the most critical step when using the product. Give the material enough time to absorb and apply additional material as necessary. Depending on the type of coating being removed, the temperature and The number of layers present, Coating Remover may only take several minutes, or up to several hours, to finish working.

4. Test the finish.
This determines whether coatings are satisfactorily softened for removal. Periodically scratch or scrape a small portion of the treated area to see how easily the finish comes up.

5. Apply additional material if necessary.
If Coating Remover completely absorbs into, yet doesn’t completely soften, all built-up layers of coatings, apply a second coat of material and give it time to work. Repeat this procedure until all built-up layers are soft enough for easy removal.

6. Remove softened finish:
Once the finish is completely softened, scrape it off with a putty knife indoors and a pressure washer outdoors. If using pressure on wood, take care to prevent damaging the fibers.

7. Clean up any residue and remaining finish
This is done on wood by lightly sanding and on other surfaces by agitating and soapy water.



Coverage may vary widely depending on the floor finish, number of layers, and the surface. A case of four 1-gallon cans will usually strip 800 to 1,000 sq. ft. of concrete.

Patch Test: Because it is difficult to determine the type and amount of coatings present on a surface, perform a small test first. It will determine Coating Remover’s effectiveness, coverage and the approximate amount of time required for it to work.
Note: The information presented herein is our interpretation of certain test results and field experience to date. The information is not to be taken as warranty or representation for which we assume legal responsibility, nor as permission or recommendation to practice any patented invention without a license. It is offered solely for your consideration, investigation and verification.

Main Advantages

  • No carcinogenic ingredients.
  • Readily removed
  • Economical to use.
  • High employee acceptance, no offensive odor


  • Longer lasting effectiveness. Effective on water borne & solvent base paints & resins.
  • Different types of flooring.
  • High employee acceptance, no offensive odor.
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Gel


  • Coatings are loosened from upon contact to 1 – 2 hours, but can be removed several hours later
  • One product cleans it all after application
  • Low volatility, reduced V.O.C.s
  • Clings to vertical surfaces for various Floor Finish