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Introduction: Container Cleaning chemicals , IBC tote cleaning chemicals and Tank Truck cleaning Chemicals

DESCRIPTION: General Chemical Corporation’s container cleaning chemicals have an established track record of success in cleaning automotive and industrial coatings at tank ,tote, IBC and bulk container cleaning facilities throughout North America. All major automotive coatings are being cleaned using General Chemicals container cleaning chemicals, IBC tote cleaning chemicals & Tank cleaning chemicals “Aqualean” and “Midas Strip” on a daily basis. Products in the Midas Strip line are non-flammable proven alternatives to the flammable, low flash solvents traditionally used to clean paint plant floors and equipment.

The transportation industry uses industrial tank Chemical cleaning products to wash trucks tank wagons and railroad cars. Where ever possible non-hazardous chemicals are used to produce these state-of-the art paint removers. These paint strippers are formulated with raw materials that are more commonly used in cosmetics and household products. If you are experiencing difficulties cleaning resins (epoxy & flammable), latex stripper, polymers, isocyanates, lube oil additives ‘can coatings and other hard to clean products, please inquire about our line of products

All of the products made for the Industrial container tank cleaning industry are safe for use on stainless steel and aluminum. The paint strippers do not contain methylene chloride or other dangerous or ozone depleting ingredients. These products also contain low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC). In developing these Industrial container tank cleaning products much attention has been paid to their environmental impact and to worker safety. paint remover

A broad line of paint strippers/ paint removers complements General Chemical’s strippable coating product lines. Both cold and hot tank paint strippers are available for removal of paint over spray from hooks, masks, and jigs. Also products are available for paint stripping and cleaning paint spills, paint spraying equipment, paint mixing equipment and flawed paint parts.

Customer Comments

“General chemical helped us when we were having difficulty cleaning Intermediate bulk container. Paint companies keep changing paints.
Their product cleans our totes and also it is very cost effective. “